DreamWorks Interactive (now known as DICE Los Angeles) was a video game developer founded in 1995 as a subsidary of DreamWorks SKG. It is now owned by Electronic Arts, who was also the distributor of Skullmonkeys. 


  • Type: Subsidary of DreamWorks SKG (formally), subsidary of Electronic Arts (now)
  • Industry: Computer and video games
  • Founded: 1995
  • Products: Video games
  • Owners: Electronic Arts


The company was founded in 1995 as a subsidary of DreamWorks SKG. The Neverhood was their third game. The idea of a claymation world was accepted by Steven Spielberg due to the obscurity of the idea. They also published Skullmonkeys and Boombots, though the studio did not become popular until it developed "Medal of Honor" for the PlayStation in 1999 (which was the same year Boombots came out). The last game they made before being renamed to EA Los Angeles was "Clive Barker's Undying". It was later renamed to Danger Close Games in 2010 and 3 years late DICE Los Angeles (with DICE meaning "Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment".

Games developed with The Neverhood Inc.Edit

  • The Neverhood; 1996, Windows/PlayStation (Japan only)
  • Skullmonkeys; 1998, PlayStation
  • Boombots; 1999, PlayStation
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