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Hoborg is the creator of The Neverhood. His crown represents his life source, and if taken off his head causes him to go into a coma. Hoborg is voiced by Doug TenNapel. 


The Neverhood

Hoborg is in a deep sleep for almost the entire game because Klogg has stolen his crown. Klaymen gets the crown and returns it to Hoborg in the Good Ending, and afterwards Hoborg creates more Neverhoodians to live in his world. 

The spoilers end here.


Hoborg has a body that consists of big and small squares and rectangles. His head is a brown square with a hole in it, his body is red with a strap on it, and his bottom is just a short brown rectangle. He wears a very tall crown. Hoborg's legs have a sharp toenail at the edge of his feet. His hands are white but Hoborg has four black fingers. 


  • It is unknown if Hoborg created Planet Idznak.
  • Hoborg is known to keep life seeds inside his crown.
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