The front cover depicting Klaymen, a Skullmonkey, Boomer and a cartoon version of Terry Scott Taylor

Imaginarium is an album by Terry Scott Taylor. It has songs from The Neverhood, Skullmonkeys, and Boombots. 

Track listEdit

The Neverhood (main article: NeverhoOd Songs)


  • Skullmonkeys Theme 
  • Incident at Skullmonkey Gate
  • She Reminded Me with Science
  • Monkey Shrines
  • Hard Boiler Eggs
  • Sno, Yell "Oh!"
  • Monkey Brand Hot Dogs
  • Elevated Structure of Terror
  • Death Garden Jive
  • Pineapple Mine Fields
  • Life Among the Weeds
  • The Secret Egg
  • Presidential Funky Monkey (also known as "Monk Rushmore")
  • Sour Head Hauksa Loukee
  • Beep Bop Bo Shards
  • The Plate ees Hot! (also known as "Castle De Los Muertos")
  • The Incredible Divy Run
  • The Worm Graveyard
  • The Evil of Engine Number Nine
  • Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
  • Sub Standard Pirate
  • Psychedelic Boogie Child
  • The Lil' Bonus Room
  • Musical Fruit
  • Musical Fruit (Edited version)
  • Klogg is Dead!


  • Funkybots (also known as "The Boombots Theme")
  • Boombots Bonus Song
  • Boombombs Away!
  • Sister Soulboom
  • The Last Thing We Never Said

Extra NotesEdit

  • "(Note to the listener: Should you choose to sing along to any of the following songs, we wish you luck. You'll need it!)"
  • "(Continue singing with various grunts, groans and assorted nonsense...)"


Imaginarium was re-released in 2004 by Stunt Records under the name "Imaginarium: Songs from The Neverhood". It had 8 bonus songs: 

The front cover of Imaginarium's re-release in 2004 depicting Klaymen holding Willie's music box

  • Olley Oxen Free (Early Demo)
  • Rock n' Roll Dixie (Early Demo)
  • Jose Feliciano (Early Demo)
  • Klaymen's Theme (Early Demo)
  • My Stupid Lullaby
  • Untitled Lost Demo 1
  • Untitled Lost Demo 2
  • Eee-I-Ohh (Early Demo)