A sprite of Klaymen standing from The Neverhood


Klaymen is the main character of the The Neverhood series. He is usually the only playable character of the Neverhood games, but in Boombots he is an unlockable character. Klaymen is voiced by Ed Schofield. 


The Neverhood

Klaymen wakes up in the Nursery all alone, not knowing who or where he is. Later in his adventure he finds disks that tell him the story of the Neverhood. Later on he defeats Klogg by using the cannon to blast him off the Neverhood.


After Klogg lands on Idznak and takes control of the Skullmonkeys, Klaymen has to go out and stop him. After Klogg is killed, Klaymen explodes the Evil Engine #9 by sticking the Sacred Root into its engine. This causes its remains to fall onto the Neverhood, with Klaymen being trapped in space with his camera.


Somehow opening a dimensional gate to a parallel universe, Dr. Pick manages to get Klaymen into his group of Boombots. His home stage is "NeverhoOd" and has one secret. He is the second unlockable character. 

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Klaymen walk by bwwd-d6fnf18

An animation of Klaymen walking in Boombots


Klaymen has a rectangular head with an oval-like lip that sticks out, lines for eyes and a short brown tube on his head. He wears a shirt with three dots on his head and black underwear. If the middle dot is pressed a chest compartment is opened. One hand is regular and another has black fingers. Klaymen has four fingers and no toes.

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