Klogg is the first true son of Hoborg and the main antagonist of all Neverhood games except Boombots. Klogg is voiced by Doug TenNapel. 


The Neverhood

Klogg was the first son of Hoborg and looked a lot like Klaymen. He tried to steal Hoborg's crown, and afterwards was told the crown was the only thing Klogg could not have. Klogg stole the crown anyway, and putting it on transformed him into a beastly-looking version of Klaymen. This put Hoborg into a deep sleep, as the crown represented his life source. Klogg used chains and a pin to seperate Hoborg's castle from the rest of The Neverhood. However Klaymen pulls the pin and returns the castle to its original locations. There are two endings that cause different things to happen to Klogg:

  • Good Ending: Klogg tries to kill Hoborg after Klaymen awakens him, but steps on the button that activates the cannon, and blasts himself clean off The Neverhood.
  • Bad Ending: Klaymen puts on the crown, causing him to transform into a look-alike of Klogg. Klaymen then punches Klogg in the face and states he is ruler of The Neverhood.


Klogg lands on Planet Idznak, where he rips off a Skullmonkey's head and fur to use as a mask and fur coat. He convinces the Skullmonkeys they must build a machine called Evil Engine #9, which they must use to destroy The Neverhood. However, an intelligent Skullmonkey named Jerry-O sends a flying device to pick up Klaymen, make him travel to Idznak and defeat Klogg. Klaymen later on battles and defeats Klogg once and for all. If the player collects all Swirly Qs in the game they will see the Secret Ending in which the Skullmonkeys sing in celebration of Klogg's death. 


Klogg has one white eye and one black eye, along with a huge monobrow. His head has a tiny hole in his head where a tiny spike of Klogg's hair sticks out. Klogg has fangs instead of teeth. He wears black and white clothing. His hands have three circles on each of them, and Klogg has four spiked fingers. He wears white boots that have holes in the bottom. Klogg's toes stick out of these holes.