The Neverhood - The Weasel Chase

The Neverhood - The Weasel Chase

The Weasel Chase is a cutscene from The Neverhood.


Klaymen finds Willie's music box and plays it. This summons the green Weasel, who chases Klaymen until he finds the Explosions Shack. Klaymen opens the door, but instead hits the wall. He then accidentally slams the door and tries to go inside, slamming into the door and landing on the Weasel. He then punches it in the eyes and runs inside the Explosives Shack. He then sends out a Klaymen dummy made of TNT. The Weasel eats it, causing it to explode. Its arm lands near Willie, and it is indicated Willie eats it.

Trivia & GoofsEdit

  • Klaymen is holding the music box when the Weasel is approaching him. When the Weasel breaks through the wall, the music box is gone.
  • When Klaymen's eyes bulge out after seeing the Weasel, he resembles Earthworm Jim. This could be a reference to the series due to the fact that Earthworm Jim and the Neverhood are both created by Doug TenNapel.
  • Klaymen's scream after he hits the wall and sees the Weasel approaching would later be reused in the Boombots cutscene "Gritty Kitty".
  • This cutscene first shows Willie's habit of eating whatever drops in front of him. This habit would later return in the ending of Skullmonkeys.
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