The green Weasel

Weasel is a species of creature in The Neverhood. Only 2 were in existence, and after they were killed the species became extinct. There is a green Weasel and a purple Weasel. 


Green: The green Weasel has blue eyes and two short antennae. It has spiked teeth, three lips and its mouth opens as if it was a capsule. It has four stubby legs and a short tail. It also has two arms with small claws.

Purple: The purple Weasel has blue eyes and eye stalks that pop out of its head. It has three spiked teeth on its lower lip. Like the green Weasel, it has four stubby legs  except it has a long striped tail. It has larger claws. 



The purple Weasel

The green Weasel died after Klaymen used the TNT Dummy to blow him up. His arm lands in front of Willie, and it is indicated Willie eats the Weasel's arm. 

The purple Weasel died after it tried to kill Willie. Klaymen command Big Robot Bil to punch the Weasel, and Bil does, saving Willie's life.