Willie Trombone is Klaymen's cousin and best friend. He is not very bright and has a tendency to eat whatever drops in front of him, but despite this he proves to be a useful ally. Willie is voiced by Mark Lorenzen. 


The Neverhood

Willie is the one who created Klaymen by sticking an unattended life seed into the Nursery. Klaymen finds disks in the game that have Willie telling Klaymen the story of The Neverhood. Later on Willie dies along with his friend/brother Big Robot Bil, but both are resurrected in the Good Ending.


Willie is still stuck on The Neverhood eating his lunch while Klaymen is on Planet Idznak stopping Klogg and his army of Skullmonkeys. However he appears in the form of a power-up entitled "Super Willie" which when activated makes Willie's head pop out of Klaymen's chest compartment and collect all items on-screen.

The spoilers end here.


Willie has bulgy eyes and a hoop on the top of his head which usually seems to get stuck in tree branches. He has a lip in between of his neck with three teeth popping out of the lip. Willie wears a shirt with a hump near the top, a belt with a box attached to it and three spikes on his back. He also has yellow skin and wears blue boots.

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